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The last time I heard: "The customer is always right" was 1993- in the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down." Interestingly enough- he says it just before becoming so righteously frustrated by the smiley-faced refusal of the manager- he pulls out a sub machine gun. I was blown off by Sleep Train after WEEKS of -calling...recalling...emailing photos...then- finally- they tell me: 1) I have to contact the manufacturer - because now I find out they wasted my all my time and blew me off because: 2) their waiting bought them enough time to never handle my claim.since they were in the process of transitioning their business model so that no longer handle warranties- only manufacturer does.

THIS IS WHAT ANGERS ME about these SUPPOSEDLY "customer focused" companies. They screw up, then waste your time when you call them on it and invariably- the solution is ALWAYS to waste EVEN MORE of your time and perhaps now even charge you some hidden fee...even though- YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. Do any of these shyster companies like SleepTrain ever stop to think about who the *** pays their wages, insurance, electric bill and vacation time?

US...THE CUSTOMER. We need a grassroots economy- an end to this top-down, dictatorial "supply side" garbage that puts all the jerks running companies in this way out of business.

Review about: Sleep Train Mattress Centers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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